Inmate Ran Private Server
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Inmate Ran Private Server

Inmate Ran Private Server
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 Graveyard Ran Ep 7 Balance System New Version New Items Free Items For Newbie

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PostSubject: Graveyard Ran Ep 7 Balance System New Version New Items Free Items For Newbie   Mon Oct 31, 2011 10:01 pm

Dedicated Server
--Graveyard Presents--
Ran On-Line Almighty Server
Episode 7 Version 107

Graveyard Communities a private server established in 2008 and long term reputation

Graveyard Almighty Server has a balance server with active Ran Masters, Active Events, New
Weapons,New Costumes, Changes for modifications,New Sets to be won in every events that implemented.

In Our Part Graveyard Almighty Server been building up community together with the
friendly Ran Masters, and Sub Admins inside the game.

General Server Information :
Server Name : Graveyard Almighty Server
Episode 7 Version 107

Features :
•+10 Starting Items for the new characters to make it faster levels
•High Drop rate of golds
•New Maps Added
•Lots of exciting events with the Ran Masters
•Secured Accounts
•Great deal with the cheap donates
•New Items
•Marvel Super Hero Set Available
•New Added Slot for the Special Features ( Cape System )
•12 Party Slot for creating your Party

Other Special Features :
•Real Gunner System - The Gunner System that we made is a balance to all class unlike the private servers and
we do have ALL the Class for the players who wants to have their desire class.
•Bike System - Episode 7 release and for the Character Cape System the we modified for the demand of the gamers that ONLY be FOUND in Graveyard Ran.
•2nd Job System - 2nd Job Class ONLY at Graveyard Ran

Are you one of us ?
Want To Try Our 2nd Job Class ?
Want To Try Our Real Gunner Class ?

Register Now!
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Graveyard Ran Ep 7 Balance System New Version New Items Free Items For Newbie
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